The Story of the 594 TITAN

In 2012 my eldest son announced that he wanted to get a dog. He lived part of the year with me while not traveling during the summers as part of his job. My “buy in” was critical as I would be “dog sitting” part of the year. His preference was a Suluki, a thoroughbred related to the Greyhound breed. In his search for a dog, my son soon came to realize that living in Florida, there was an abundance of retired Greyhound racing dogs available for adoption that were in need good homes.

About the same time one of our primary vendors, Griswold Pump Co., made the decision to discontinue production of their Model 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump, as the focus for their business had shifted to the Industrial Market exclusively. JKA PUMP and Klein Pump had an established customer base for the 594 pump and the idea of acquiring the 594 product was considered.

In December of 2012 Superior Titan, a 75 pound, five year old retired Greyhound race dog, joined our family. Later that same month, a deal was struck with Griswold Pump, for JKA to acquire the 594 product line. The connection between the two events was obvious; my son had rescued a Greyhound, and we had rescued the 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump! The decision was made to create a new separate company dedicated to the manufacturing of the 594. The Superior Titan Manufacturing Corp was born.

The 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump is our only product, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement and development of the product. “Titan” (the Greyhound) as he’s called for short, is our company’s mascot and serves as a constant reminder of our stewardship responsibilities in carrying on the tradition of the quality associated with the “594”, dating back to its origin with The Deming Pump Co. nearly 100 years ago.

logo 594 Titan Pump

A portion of all proceeds will be donated


Pressure psi
of Cylinder
of Stroke
per Stroke
Suction Discharge Shipping
594 Titan 400 11/2" 3" 2.94 oz. 3/4" NPT 3/4" NPT 18 lbs